Corporación Multi Inversiones wins IADEF & ILAEF 2020 award for its track record as a family-owned company in Latin America

The Argentine Institute of Family Business (IADEF) and the Latin American Institute of Family Business (ILAEF) in its eighth awards, recognized Corporación Multi Inversiones de the Bosch Gutiérrez as one of the most important family businesses in Latin America this year.

These awards are given on International Family Business Day, an international date that seeks to recognize and raise awareness in markets and governments about the economic importance of family businesses and how they have managed to be sustenance not only for their own members, but also for hundreds of families working in these local or international companies.

What is IADEF and ILAEF?

Instituto Argentino de la Empresa Familiar (IADEF) as its name says, is an institute that was founded in Argentina in 2010, specifically in the capital Buenos Aires, seeking to promote the importance of family businesses in the southern cone country.

From this and seeing the importance of these entities not only in their country, but also in Latin America, 3 years later was created the Latin American Institute of Family Business (ILAEF) who seek to make known to the authorities of countries, especially South America, as this type of companies are an essential engine of the economy.

In addition, it seeks to recognize other institutions and academics for their contributions to professionalization, innovation and social responsibility.

Recognizing CMI

CMI, a family business of the Bosch Gutierrez, founded in 1920 founded by Don Juan Bautista Gutierrez in a small family store located in San Cristobal, Totonicapan in Guatemala. Celebrating 100 years just in this 2020; now it has presence in 14 countries and two continents and has a workforce of more than 40 thousand workers..

Against this, the current CMI Chairman of the Bosch Gutiérrez, Juan José Gutiérrez stated:

“On behalf of our family, family business and more than 40 thousand employees, we thank IADEF and ILAEF for this recognition. Especially now that CMI-Corporación Multi Inversiones is reaching its 100th anniversary. As a member of the third generation; with more than 40 years at the helm of the family business; we base our work on robust principles and values, a culture rooted, understood and understood by our employees and all members of the family”.

Juan Luis Bosch, Chairman and CEO of CMI Capital, added about the award:

“CMI was founded by our grandfather, Don Juan Bautista Gutiérrez. We base our corporate and family governance on REIR; which means to be Responsible in what we undertake; to always seek excellence, to seek the integrity of all our collaborators and to respect people and deals. We are deeply grateful to the Instituto Argentino de la Empresa Familiar (IADEF) and the Instituto Latinoamericano de la Empresa Familiar (ILAEF) for this recognition to CMI”.

Jorge Martínez Sanche, Director of General Corporate Governance of CMI de los Bosch Gutiérrezwas virtually present at the award ceremony due to the COVID-19 pandemic and respecting the rules of healthy distance, who received the award on behalf of the company’s chairmans.