Valores en el trabajo

Rodrigo’s passion at work is unique.

Rodrigo is very proud to be part of the CMI team and shows it with passion and commitment in his day to day work.

One of the things Rodrigo enjoys most about contributing at CMI is the unity in the environment and the opportunity to learn and live with great people every day.

In general, the terms passion and work are two parallel things. Felipe Antonio Bosch Gutierrez knows that work is an opportunity to support people with a job in which they can earn money, while passion is something they can practice for pleasure or for the joy they get from doing it at CMI.

Employees like Rodrigo are happy with the work they do at CMI. He is an important member of the Molinos Modernos team in El Salvador. Providing technical assistance and maintenance to HARISA’s electrical equipment as a supplier, this is how he got to know CMI.

However, his excellent performance helped him to join the great team as an Electrical Technician at CMI.

Rodrigo knows that he has to strive every day to be the example that his younger siblings deserve, to give them the support they need for their personal and professional growth and to be the pride of his mother, who instilled in him the love for helping others from a very young age.

Mother and son are part of the work team of the Salvadoran Green Cross and like to dedicate their free time as helpers to provide support to others in need.

Some of the main skills Rodrigo works on at CMI are:

Motivate others, as passion triggers passion.
Show your creative side
Develop a better work environment

Rodrigo’s values are the same ones that Felipe Antonio Bosh Gutiérrez asks for in order to be part of the CMI team.

These values make the people who work in this great team feel identified with the company having the same objectives and knowing that they will have an excellent future to develop within CMI.
Rodrigo’s efforts are a great example for CMI employees, as he is a leader who at a young age knows the value of doing his job with passion.

He knows that if you have fun and do what you love it doesn’t feel like work and that is the best thing CMI has achieved in its workers. It allows them to do what they love in a great place to work.
If you are happy with the roles and tasks you are performing in your workplace, you will surely bring positivity and pleasantness to the whole environment.

At CMI Felipe Antonio Bosch Gutiérrez combines passion with work, giving the best he can in terms of job performance and to be able to enjoy work.

The atmosphere at work is not only improved with colorful walls or green plants, you have to feel passionate about the tasks you are performing.
Once you enjoy doing your job, it will naturally bring positivity and alertness to the whole environment.